About Us

i-Chem Solution Sdn Bhd was established to fulfill the increasing market demand for sustainable solutions & technical services related to water treatment. It began its operations in the ASEAN region in the year 2000, where it was originally operated as a department in a Multi-National European owned company and since year 2006 was already operating fully independently on its own.

Our Vision
To be a leading Asian Water Treatment Specialist Company, providing One Stop Customized & Innovative Solutions, deliver WOW experience to our customer through Quality Products, Services, Support & Professionals that benefits customers, employees, communities & environment.
Our Mission
Constantly seeking & applying Environmental Friendly Solutions to meet challenges in the water treatment field, to make water Cleaner, Healthier, Safer & Sustainable ( C, He, S, S)
Integrated Quality Policy

i-Chem Solution Sdn Bhd is fully committed to produce and supply Quality Products in an Environmental Friendly manner to Prevent Pollution. Delivered On Time, to meet all applicable requirements with the aim of enhancing Total Customer Satisfaction made possible through cohesive teams working in a conducive work environment to prevent injuries, and ill health, yet at the same time, continually improving the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System.

Safety & Healthy Policy
It is our policy to manage our activities (distribution, use of our products and on-site services) to avoid causing unnecessary or unacceptable risk to the safety and health of employees, customers and members of the public.
Provide information, training and support to our stuff, business partner and customers in the safe handling in our products.
Implement system & ensure operations comply with all statutory requirements and company’s safety, healthy and environmental standards.
Accountable for safety & healthy matters in responsibility area and to act responsibility to prevent harm to others.
Store, sell, transport and dispose off waste safely to avoid adverse impact on the environment.
Provide a safe, clean, conducive and healthy work environment.