Fresh/Entry Level

  • Conduct onsite Water Analysis for all customers
  • Conduct necessary inspection on the dosing equipment to ensure the functionality and performance
  • Conduct stock level checking, inform customers, end user, sales engineer and/or immediate superior if stock level is low
  • Deliver products to customers
  • Conduct manual spray, cleaning job onsite, pump installation/checking/repairing/dismantle
  • Complies with legal requirement, customer rules and regulation and I-Chem rules and regulation
  • Update and discuss with customers on the plant performance on each visit
  • Update and discuss with immediate superior and/or account holder for the customer plant performance on weekly basis
  • Complete and submit the daily site visit record daily to office for acknowledgement
  • Clean the company vehicle daily and update the company vehicle condition to immediate superior when any abnormal noticed
  • Collect water sample, corrosion coupon, equipment and documents and send to office on the same day.



    Primary/Secondary School/SPM/"O" Level

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