We provide Professional, Value-added Consultancy, Problem Solving and Technical Service related to Water Treatment by using Specialty and Blended Chemicals, through our registered trademark products.



Chemical Series

Raw Water Treament Chemicals • Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals • Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals • Chilled Water Treatment Chemicals • Potable Water Treatment Chemicals • Waste Water Treament Chemicals • Maintenance Chemicals • BioAugmentation Products • Fireside Treament Chemicals • Fuel Oil Additive • Odor Control Products • Grease Trap Treatment • Cleaning & Sanitation • Drip Pan Chemicals • Swimming Pool Treatment • Enhanced Oil Recovery Treatment

Ion Exchange Resin Series

Chelating Resin • Ready to Use Mix Bed • Non-Regenerable Mixed Bed • Strong Base Weak Anion • Strong Acid Cation • Weak Acid Cation 

Activated Carbon Series ( CM 2045 (STAR PRODUCT) )

Multipurpose coal based Activated Carbon for dechlormation, color removal & TOC reduction •Multipurpose powdered Activated Carbon for COD, Color Removal & organic micro pollutants • Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon • Extruded Carbon for VOC, Odour removal from gas or air • Sand & Filter Media • Wood based powder activated carbon with huge internal surface area and very high color removal activity

High Efficiency Deionized Purification System
Most environmental friendly way to produce Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) using High Efficiency Deionized Purification System.