FMM Industrial Waste Management Webinar 2022

Our speakers, Ms. Norazlina Binti-Principal Assistant Director Enforcement Division Department of Environment (DOE) and Ts. Dr. Thomas Wun General Manager – Technical & Innovative I-Chem Solution Group will share about the knowledge of Industrial Effluent Treatment.

This webinar focuses on regulations and guidelines related to industrial effluent as well as solutions on
how to optimise industrial effluent treatment system (IETS). Participants will gain knowledge on:
  •  Industrial effluent: Key elements in the environmental legislations in Malaysia
  •  Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulations 2009
  • Management of sludge from industrial wastewater treatment plant
  •  Online reporting for discharge of industrial effluent: Online Environmental Reporting (OER) system
  •  Implementation of Guided Self Regulations (GSR): 7 Environmental Mainstreaming Tools (EMTs)
  • Optimisation of IETS to comply with environmental regulation and to minimise the total treatment cost of the entire IETS

24 Mar 2022