System Design & Maintenance
Water / Wastewater Treatment System
Piping, FRP Lining / Tanks & Corrosion Control
Reserve Osmosis Membrane & System Design
DI / RO Effluent Treatment / Recycling

Designs Of Vessels eg: Sand Filter/ Softener, Demineralizer & etc

Chemical Metering Pump And Valves
On line Dosing Equipment cum Automation

Customized Water Treatment Training Modules (BWT/CWT/WWT/RWT)

DOE Consultation ( Written / Approval / Submission )
Environmental Monitoring
Waste Water Analysis
Water Analysis

Ion Exchange Resin Analysis

Jar Testing
Filamentous Bacteria Identification
Microscopic Examination
Industrial Effluent Characterization Study (IECS)
Cooling Water
Chilled Water
River Water
Boiler Water

Demin Water

Underground Water
Strong Acid Cation
Strong Base Anion
Mix Bed Resin
Laboratory Test Kit & Equipment
Corrosion Coupon Analysis
Deposit Analysis
Activated Carbon Analysis