ML 5520 Odor Controller and Deep Cleaner


ML 5520 Odor Controller and Deep Cleaner


 Not a cover-up. Goes to the source of odor and eliminates it. bmSOLUTION® ML 5520 is a technologically advanced odor controller and cleaner formulated for use on hard surfaces and carpets. It combines:
  • A novel chemical formulation for immediate odor control
  • The long lasting, deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology

The chemistry binds odor-causing molecules for immediate odor control, and biotechnology targets odorous compounds for degradation. The naturally occurring microbes in bmSOLUTION® ML 5520 then degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, breaking them down to benign, odor-less compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

 Organic residues → CO2 + H2O

 The combined effect makes bmSOLUTION® ML 5520 an effective, safe and environmentally friendly odor controller. It also contains sophisticated, non-resoiling cleaning capabilities designed specifically for carpet and upholstery stain removal.


Appearance : Greenish Liquid
Bacteria count : 1.5 billion/ml
pH : 6.5 – 9.0
Stability :  2 years + at 2℃ – 35


bmSOLUTION® ML 5520 is designed to provide optimum odor reduction and “after-cleaning” benefits in multiple applications:
  • Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator
  • Garbage Collection Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Pet Areas
  • Garage and Basement
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Laundry Rooms

bmSOLUTION® ML 5520 is the result of intensive R&D efforts to engineer a household and industrial odor controller and cleaner that goes a step beyond other products available.
It effectively controls all major classes of malodorous compounds.

Compound Type
Hydrogen sulfide Sulfide
Ammonia Ammonia
Dimethylamine Amine
Trimethylamine Amine

bmSOLUTION® ML 5520 is a concentrated product and allows up to 20X dilution.


Store in cool dry place. Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after contact. Avoid eye and skin contact. Apply it as direct spray, not as atomizer. Please refer to Safety Data Sheets for details on health and safety information.


bmSOLUTION® ML 5520 is available in 20kg carboy.

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